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Chemistry Students

Chemistry - Expect & Awesome Reaction...

Hands-on cool chemistry experiments and having fun investigating the chemistry of materials found in everyday life.

Lead By:

Graeme Wylie

Concordia College - Chemistry Department

Man Walking in Fields

Hands-on Look at Surveying

In this session, we will be exploring surveying, a major component of the Engineering Technology program at BSC, with hands on activities and discussion. The goal is to introduce students to the field of surveying and the career opportunities available in it. 

Lead By:

David Sagsveen

BSC - Civil Eng Technology

Computer Programming

Devices and Decisions

Students will have an opportunity to work with Spheros and Ozobots and learn how to use them to do some basic programming. 

Lead By:

Khourtni Thompson & Ben Zuther

UJ Edication Department - Students

lets get physical.jpg

Let's get physical!

Come test your strength! How balanced are you? How fast can you move? Experiment with different ways to test your abilities, and learn about physical therapy, and what it means to be a physical therapist! 

Lead By:

Sara Voorhees

University of Jamestown - Physical Therapy


Crazy Colorful Compound

A fun, hands on chemistry demonstration involving a chemical reaction from the decomposition of concentrated hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Lead By:

Heather Serfoss

Jamestown Regional Medical Center

Wetland Creation

How Wetlands Work

“How Wetlands Work” is a demonstration and discussion of how wetlands positively impact people’s lives every day by preventing flooding, filtering pollutants, protecting clean drinking water, and recharging groundwater. Also discussed is the importance of wetlands as habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. 

Lead By:

Jennifer P. Kross

Ducks Unlimited

Steel works

Machining Magic

Students will use simple lathes and mills to produce a keychain.

Lead By:

Kent Ellis

Energy Education

Seaside Construction

Slender Tower Challenge

Build the tallest tower with the smallest footprint with 10 sheets of paper and a roll of masking tape.  The width-to-height ration of each tower will be calculated to determine which tower is more slender. 

Lead By:

Melissa Rotzien, Maria Zaske & Yaping Chi

Moore Engineering

get creative! Get Connected! Get Coding!.jpg

Get Creative! Get Connected! Get Coding!

In this session, you will get to design and make all sorts of creative projects using a micro:bit. You’ll create games that you can play with friends and you’ll even get to make an intelligent virtual pet (Tamogotchi). The fun won’t stop here – you’ll get to keep your micro:bit so that you can continue building projects on your own.

Lead By:


Microsoft - Fargo

Can you Keep a Secret.jpg

Can you keep a secret?

WKHTXLFNEURZQIRAMXPSVRYHUDODCBGRJ.  Can you break the code?  Stop in to learn some cryptologic techniques to encode and decode messages.

Lead By:

Katrina Eberhart

Bismarck State College - Mathematics Dept


Cosmic Claw

In this activity, youth will use the Engineering Design Process to design, build, and operate a robotic claw. Working together, the group will create a model of a hydraulic-powered robotic arm and claw and test it by completing an agricultural task. Ultimately, the mechanical claw should be able to perform a simple grasping, scooping, or raking action to cultivate crops on another world.

Lead By:

Christina Rittenbach

NDSU Extension Services

Light Emitting Diodes

Illuminating Electronics

The formula is: Resistor + Switch + LED + Potentiometer + Breadboard and your talent equals a night light for you to build.

Lead By:

Joel Gustafson

Energy Education

furs and fun.jfif

Furs and Fun

Students will learn about animals that are found in ND along with handling the animal’s fur.  Students will also cast molds of animal tracks and they will be able to take the tracks home.

Lead By:

Jim Job

North Dakota Game and Fish

water come from.jfif

Where Does your Water come from?

Review how water is treated and distributed through a city so it can be ready when you turn on the faucet. We will also build your own water filter using everyday items
you can find at home.

Lead By:

Wade Senger, Jeff Douty

Interstate Engineering

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