Fourth of July Airplanes

Flying High at Collins

Available 2 sessions

Learn about technologically advanced products for military and commercial aircraft.  See 3D printing, computer-aided design software and full-scale mock up of the cargo system in 777 freighter plane.

Lead By:

Jack Heichel & Zach Meyer

Collins Aerospace

Petri Dish

Are you my Type?

All Sessions Available

Are you A, B, AO, AB, positive, negative? Blood is an essential part of the human body but, if you mix the wrong type things could go drastically wrong. Come determine your blood type.

Lead By:

Shalee Martin

Jamestown Regional Medical Center

Robot on Wheels

Rockin' Robots

All Sessions Available

Robots are everywhere, in the factories, on the farm,  and in our homes. In this workshop you will learn how to program a robot and understand where they will be in the future. 

Lead By:

Scott Pryor

NDSU College of Engineering


Crazy Colorful Compound

All Sessions Available

Explore what happens when various ingredients are mixed together. Be sure to measure correctly, or it could get messy.

Lead By:

Matt Perkins

Medicine Shoppe


Furs and Fun

All Sessions Available

Learn about numerous ND animals and feel the pelts of the animals.  Plus, get the chance to make tracks in the dirt of various animals.

Lead By:

Jim Job

ND Game and Fish Department

Fibre Optics

Just Gig it!

All Sessions Available

You want high speed internet in your house? Did you know it takes more than just Wireless Internet. Come and learn about cable splicing and what it takes to just Gig it!

Lead By:

Rod Wolters


Urban Landscape

Skyscraper Showdown

All Sessions Available

You may be able to build a tall tower in a short time, but, can you build a structurally sound tower in a short about of time with limited materials? Do you have what it takes to be a structural engineer?

Lead By:

Michael Strom


Electronic Circuit

Micro:bit Hackathon!

1, two session class available

Build games, musical instruments, and more by writing code for a tiny programmable computer called a micro:bit.  The fun won’t stop here – attend this 2 hour session and get a micro:bit to take home to hack all sorts of cool projects.

Lead By:

Jamey Johnson, Karsten Johnson, Alena Feltman, Benjamin Misso, Michael Hammond


Building Plan

The Sky is the Limit

All Sessions Available

We will take a look at what an engineer is, and how they help shape the world you live in, and show examples of what engineers design. We will then break into groups and design your own model sky scraper with prizes for the tallest structure.

Lead By:

Wade Senger, Isaac Rost

Interstate Engineering Inc. 

Playing Video Games

Want to play a game?

All Sessions Available

Are you a gamer? Want to take it to the next level? How about creating your own video game? Using Kodu you will create a customized video game that you can play at home than add it to a community so your friends can play too!

Lead By:

Kris Crabtree

University of Jamestown

Racing Cars

Race to the Finish

All Sessions Available

As a team you will build an efficient race car from highly customization supplies and race them to see how well your build went.

Lead By:

Katrina Christiansen

University of Jamestown

Emergency Vehicles

9-1-1 What's your Emergency?

All Sessions Available

Experience and participate in a mock ambulance call. Work alongside paramedics and EMTs to respond to a 9-1-1 call by taking action - CPR, AED, care for bleeding and much more.

Lead By:

Andrew Berkey

Jamestown Are Ambulance, Ringdahl EMS

Chemistry Students

Chemistry - Expect & Awesome Reaction...

All Sessions Available

Hands-on cool chemistry experiments and having fun investigating the chemistry of materials found in everyday life.

Lead By:

Graeme Wylie

Concordia College - Chemistry Department


Roll in the Dough

All Sessions Available

Managing money means making choices. There is never enough money available for all of the things we’d like to have or do. Do you have the skills needed to Make $100,000?

Lead By:

Alexis Young, Kari Knecht

Unison Bank

Hanging Decorations

Art in Motion

All Sessions Available

Learn the science that goes behind making artful mobiles of all sizes. Utilize what you have learned into creating your own mobile out of a variety of fun items and take your one of a kind kinetic energy art home with you.

Lead By:

Shelly Sayler



Dare to Drone

All Sessions Available

5 Years ago Drone and Farming were not words put together often. Now, drones are used for everything from checking cattle to looking at crops to see if they are ready to harvest. In this workshop you will learn where and the best way to fly your drone to help your farming operation. 

Lead By:

Mylee Kenner

LRSC - Precision Ag Program

Laser Cutting

Metal Cutting Metal

All Sessions Available

Students will see a CNC milling machine, capable of cutting down to .0001” of an inch for extreme accuracy. Students will also see the manual milling machines and manual metal cutting lathes as well. These are the machines that saw the material to prepare it for the machinist, whether it’s hydraulic, or a manual hand saw. With this all this equipment the possibilities are endless as to what can be made.

Lead By:

Darby Heinert, Brandon Michael

Jame Valley CTC

Halftone Rocket

Rockets to the Rescue!

All Sessions Available

Let your imagination take flight and explore how aerospace engineering can address real world problems, such as delivering food and supplies in emergency situations. In this session, you will design and develop an aerodynamic Food Transportation Device (FTD) that can deliver supplies to a desired target using different trajectories.

Lead By:

Alicia Harstad

NDSU - Extension Service