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2024 Sessions

Connie Lillejord of the Anne Carlsen Center presents:
OT's Put the 'Fun' in Function!

Experience what it's like to have a disability and learn how to use adaptive equipment to help you with everyday things we take for granted. Maneuver a wheelchair around a room, put on socks or button a shirt using one hand, navigate your environment without vision, use adapted equipment to help you with your meals, communicate without your voice, and try your hand at switches.


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DALL·E 2024-01-23 10.47.07 - Image of a classroom with junior high students engaging in va

Molly McLain presents:
Mosaic Make and Take!: A Mosaics Art Workshop

Students will design and create their own unique glass and tile mosaic in this fun workshop that includes color theory, intro to mosaic techniques with breaking tile and glass, history of mosaics, and design in engineering theories.


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Orn Family Dentistry presents:
Tooth Truths: What your Smile Says about your Health

Discover the surprising secrets behind your smile in this exciting journey into dental health. Your teeth and gums do more than just chew food and light up your selfies – they're a window to your overall well-being. Join us as we explore how your oral health impacts your nutrition, self-confidence, and much more. Get ready to become part of the Super Smile Squad, where we'll uncover the hidden power of a healthy, happy smile!

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Hailey Olson of UND presents:
Junior Aviators: Flight Simulation Adventure

Dive into the exciting world of aviation withi our "Junior Aviators" workshop! Hosted by university experts, this hands-on session lets junior high students experience real aircraft simulators. They'll learn basic flight techniques and instrument reading, blending education with fun. It's an ideal event for inspiring young minds in the thrilling field of aviation.

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Alisha Kelim and Hope Burdolski of Gateway to Science Present:
Forensics -- the Case of the Missing Diamond Maker

Work as forensic investigators and use techniques of forensic science to analyze evidence left behind at a crime scene. Use deductive reasoning to evaluate fingerprints, chromatography, fibers, smells, liquids, powders, shoe prints, and blood evidence to determine the criminal’s identity.

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DALL·E 2024-01-15 09.31.43 - An engaging, wordless poster for a junior high forensic scien

Briana Bohn of Professional Eyecare Presents:
Fun With Visual Science

Have you ever heard the phrase, "seeing is believing"? It is more accurate than you might think! In this session, we will investigate the phenomenon of apparent motion by making our own flip-book animations and explore how optical illusions work.

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Cortnie Smith of Sanford Health Presents:
Make a Match to Save a Life?

Are you A, B, O, AB, positive, negative? Blood is an essential part of the human body but, if you mix the wrong type things could go drastically wrong. Can you successfully determine the blood type of the accident victim and save his life?            

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Alison Hanslip, Melissa Rotzien, Alexa Ducioame, and Amy Schaaf of Moore Engineering present:
Design a Road and Eat it Too!

Experiment with traffic flow and interchanges, then learn what roads are made of with a tasty example of pavement design.             

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Dr. Penny Briese of University of Jamestown presents:
The Wizard of Sim

Health care professionals today use a wide variety of technological tools to provide safe and effective care to their patients including mannequins that breathe and have a heartbeat. Come explore the simulation lab and learn about how technology is used to train nurses and doctors.             

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DALL·E 2023-12-18 07.42.41 - Image for the 'The Wizard of Sim' workshop, featuring junior

Michelle Neumiller and Danielle Rowell of Gate City Bank present:
Escape Room: Money Master!

Join us as we explore different real-life scenarios; choosing a bank, balancing your accounts, applying for a loan, and saving for retirement. You will have three separate puzzles to complete in this session in order to escape and be declared a Money Master!               

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Regina Olson of the Stutsman County Soil Conservation District presents:
Wiggly Wonders: Soil Superheroes!

Join us for an exciting adventure into the world of worms and soil! Get your hands dirty as we explore different soil textures and see how worms keep our earth healthy. Enjoy making a tasty 'dirt cup' treat, observe a live worm farm, and get amazed by the magic of worms. Plus, take home your very own 'magic worm' to continue the fun and learning!

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Teather Sundstrom of VCSU Presents:
We all Scream for Ice Cream! 

Have you ever made ice cream? If so, you know that the ice cream mixture has to get really cold very quick. Ice cubes alone won't do the trick. Why not? Find out in this tasty-cold science project.

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Become a Micro:bit Maker!
presented by Michael Simons (boys) and Nicole Haugen (girls)

Tap into your inner creativity by designing and making games that you can play with your friends!  You’ll use a tiny computer called a micro:bit that let’s you make all kinds of fun projects – games, musical instruments, wearable accessories, and more.  You’ll get to keep a micro:bit so that you can design and make projects on your own.

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Take Micro:bits to the next Level!
presented by Michael Simons (boys) and Nicole Haugen (girls)

Have you used micro:bits before to design and make projects?  If so, this session is for you!  In this session, you will continue to grow your creativity, design, and coding skills so that you can make all kinds of fun micro:bit projects - games, musical instruments, wearable accessories, and more. 

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