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  • How are these events funded?
    We have a few major sponsors; Jamestown Public Schools, University of Jamestown, AAUW Jamestown ND Affliiate, North Dakota STEM Network. We are also funded by several grants and organizations throughout Stutsman County, the state of North Dakota, and the Nation.
  • What is AAUW?
    AAUW or the American Association of University Women, is a national organization with the focus of empowering women as individuals and as a community to improve their lives and the lives of their families. For more information about AAUW visit their website.
  • Why is there a seperate event for the boys and girls?
    When middle school boys and girls are seperated for activities such as this girls are more likely to be outgoing and not shy from participating and taking a leadership roll in an attivity. By creating two seperate events one for the girls (TechSavvy) and one for the boys (Stemtastic). We are providing an opportunity for girls to discover their potential in STEM fields of study.
  • Why is this event only open to students in grades 7 & 8?
    The STEM fields are rapidly becoming the most in-demand and lucrative in the world. Despite this demand, at almost every step of the STEM education path women and girls walk away. By middle school many girls are ambivalent toward STEM fields, and by the end of high school fewer girls than boys plan to pursue STEM studies in college. Women who do graduate with a STEM degree enter a workforce that is historically unfriendly to them. And from there stereotypes, gender bias, and the hostile climate of academic departments and workplaces continue to block women’s participation and advancement. Source: For more information on Why so few?:
  • How can I help with this event?
    Volunteers for the events are always welcome by either becoming a workshop presentor, joining the planning committee, volunteering to help the day of the event by directing kids or being a helper in the rooms. We are also able to accept chairitable donations we have a 501 3C status through the North Dakota STEM Network, or if you would just like to donate we can accept those as well. If you would like to volunteer for any portion of this event please contact us.
  • How do we get more girls to like STEM?
  • Who plans the events?
    The planning committee is made of STEM and Education professions from Stutsman County and throughout the state of North Dakota.
  • Who are the presenters?
    Each of our hands on workshops are lead by STEM professionals. We have chemists, computer scientists, mechanical engineers, and stock brokers to name a few. Each of these professionals submit their lesson plans for the sessions and they are looked at by an education professional and we have education professionals avaialbe to help them with any questions related to how to lead a session. To see who is leading each of the workshops, at the bottom of the descirptions are the names of the presenters along with the company that the presenters work for.
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