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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Doctor for a Day

Experience what it is like to be a veterinarian for a day. Learn how to suture wounds, give injections and bandage a limb.

Led By:

Dr. Dawn Entzminger

Dr. Dawns Pet Stop


Smile! What does your smile say about your health??

Teeth are important to everything from nutrition to smiling to our self confidence. But what do your teeth and gums say about your overall health?

Led By:

Dr. Carrie Orn

Orn Family Dentistry

Picture of Me - Bonita Roswick.jpg

Awesome Aquifers

Learn how ground and surface water are connected to discover how groundwater becomes contaminated.

Led By:

Bonita Roswick and Louis Weiland

VCSU - Prairie Waters Education and Research Center

Profile Pic - Andrea Anteau.jpg

Have Your DNA and Eat it Too!

Would you believe you can see DNA? We will explore the "recipe of life" and extract DNA from everyone's favorite fruit- Strawberries! You can even take it home with you.

Led By:

Jessie Hall and Alyssa Schrull


Hanslip_Horizontal - Alexa Skjold.jpg

Design your Road and Eat it Too!

Experiment with traffic flow and interchanges, then learn what roads are made of with a tasty example of pavement design.

Led By:

Allison Hanslip

Moore Engineering

Blood Bags

Make a Match to Save a Life?

Are you A, B, O, AB, positive, negative? Blood is an essential part of the human body but, if you mix the wrong type things could go drastically wrong. Can you successfully determine the blood type of the accident victim and save his life?

Led By:

Cortnie Smith



Elephant Toothpaste!

Watch what happens when you mix various ingredients. Be sure to measure correctly, or you might get covered in elephant toothpaste!

Led By:

Molly Rachel

The Medicine Shoppe

all scream for ice cream.png

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Have you ever made ice cream? If so, you know that the ice cream mixture has to get really cold very quick. Ice cubes alone won't do the trick. Why not? Find out in this tasty-cold science project.

Led By:

Dr. Teather Sundstrom

Valley City State University

K_Dickhut - Arin Casavant.jpg

Forensics -- The Case of the Missing Diamond Maker

Work as forensic investigators and use techniques of forensic science to analyze evidence left behind at a crime scene. Use deductive reasoning to evaluate fingerprints, chromatography, fibers, smells, liquids, powders, shoe prints, and blood evidence to determine the criminal’s identity.

Led By:

Kirsten Dickhut

North Dakota's Gateway to Science


Pringles Can Enigma Machine

Make your own Enigma Machine, the famous encryption device used during World War II. Learn how to encrypt and decrypt your own secret messages!

Led By:

Jill Baird and Nancy Mahlen

NDIT | Edutech

Standing Pose

Let's Get Physical!

Come test your strength! How balanced are you? How fast can you move? Experiment with different ways to move and test your abilities. Learn about physical therapy and what it means to be a physical therapist.

Led By:

Sara Voorhees

University of Jamestown -- Physical Therapy

HeadshotNicoleHaugen - Michael Simons_edited.jpg

Become a Micro:bit Maker!

Tap into your inner creativity by designing and making games that you can play with your friends!  You’ll use a tiny computer called a micro:bit that let’s you make all kinds of fun projects – games, musical instruments, wearable accessories, and more.  You’ll get to keep a micro:bit so that you can design and make projects on your own.

Led By:

Nicole Haugen


headshot - Briana Bohn_edited.jpg

Now you see it, now you dont!

Peripheral vision is important in our everyday lives because it allows us to gather a visual sense of our surroundings—without it, we would see the world through "tunnel vision." Almost everything we do—from riding a bike, to dribbling a basketball, to reading a book—depends on peripheral vision. In this session, you will test the limits of peripheral vision and learn how to understand your results based on the anatomy of the human eye. 

Led By:

Dr. Brianna Bohn and Jami Reister

Professional Eyecare Centers

Pots & Soil

SOS:  Save our Soils!

Learn about Soil Textures and ways to protect it. Create a Conservation plan with better management practices.

Led By:

Regina Olson and Mikayla Lardy

Stutsman County Soil Conservation District

Wetland Creation

Wonderful Wetlands Working for Water

What do wetlands do? Wetlands positively impact people’s lives every day because they impact our water. We will explore what a wetland is and build a model to demonstrate how wetlands work to keep our water supply clean and plentiful. We will also explore the variety of duck species that depend on wetlands.

Led By:

Jennifer P. Kross

Ducks Unlimited


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Robot

Test the efficiency of two different robotic hands and determine the best design to pick up different objects.

Led By:

Angela Gross and Lindsey Leker

NDIT | Edutech

Vasichek, Nicole - Nicole Hochhalter.jpg

Peanut Butter + Resistance Training = Amazing Benefits

Come find out how you can combine peanut butter and exercise to build better things!

Led By:

Nichole Hochhalter

University of Jamestown -- Kinesiology

Recording Studio

Take Micro:bits to the next Level!

Have you used micro:bits before to design and make projects?  If so, this session is for you!  In this session, you will continue to grow your creativity, design, and coding skills so that you can make all kinds of fun micro:bit projects - games, musical instruments, wearable accessories, and more. 

Led By:

Nicole Haugen


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