Batwoman in the Dark Night

All Sessions Available

When day fades away, bats come out to play. Make origami bats and learn why bats are important to the ecosystem in North Dakota. And you too could become a Batwoman in the Dark Night. 

Lead By:

Anna Bahnson, Mindy Guinn, Hanna Karevold

Circuit Board

Get Creative! Get Connected! Get Coding!

One, Two Session Class available 

Design and create games to play with friends, musical instruments to play songs, and much more using a micro:bit. The fun won't stop here - attend this 2 hour session and get a micro:bit to take home to make all sorts of creative projects. 

Lead By:

Jamey Johnson, Karsten Johnson, Alena Feltman, Benjamin Misso, Michael Hammond

Microsoft: Fargo Campus


Let's Get Physical!

All Sessions Available

Come test your strength? How balanced are you? How fast can you move? Experiment with different ways to test your abilities, and learn about physical therapy, and what it means to be a physical therapist!

Lead By:

Sara Voorhees

University of Jamestown - Physical Therapy Department


Marble Run

All Sessions available

Ready set Roll! Do you and your team have what it take to win the Marble Run Challenge? Can you build the track that will keep the marble rolling the longest? 

Lead By:

Melissa Rotzien, Yapping Chi

Moore Engineering Inc.

Checking Blood Pressure

The Great and Powerful Oz

All Sessions available

Health care professionals today, use a wide variety of technological tools to provide safe and effective care to their patients. Come explore the simulation lab to observe and participate in using a high tech manikin to manage a cardiac emergency.

Lead By:

Teree Rittenbach

University of Jamestown

Red love heart on hearts

You Got the Beat

All Sessions available

The heart beats about 100,000 times per day delivery oxygen and nutrients to the body. Together we will explore the heart, discuss the benefits of exercise and utilize technology to monitor how the heart rate changes with exercise

Lead By:

Marla Walters

University of Jamestown

Hand Writing


All Sessions available

You are creating a post and you hate all the fonts. Don’t you wish you can create your own font? In this workshop you will learn how to make your own font and use them to make your post go viral!

Lead By:

Joy Paczkowski

Two Rivers Activity Center

Female patient eye exam

Can U see me Now?

All Sessions Available

Eye Doctors use many different tools to help you see better. Learn what it is like being an optometrist,  and test your eyes and see if you have 20/20 vision!

Lead By:

Dr. Tamera Mathison, Dr. Briana Bohn

Lifetime Vision Source

Ice Cream Party

We all Scream for Ice cream

All Sessions Available

Have you ever made ice cream? If so, you know that the ice cream mixture has to get really cold very quick. Ice cubes alone won't do the trick. Why not? Find out in this tasty-cold science project.

Lead By:

Teather Sundstrom

Valley City State University

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Doctor for a Day

All Sessions Available

Experience what it is like to be a veterinarian for a day. Learn how to suture wounds, give injections and bandage a limb.

Lead By:

Dr. Dawn Entzminger

Dr. Dawns Pet Stop

Splattered Paint

Pour the Paint, Embrace the Chaos

All Sessions available

A few beads here a little paper and ribbon there will not stop paint. But, what will it do to your art work in the end? In this workshop you will learn what different textures do to paint and what it takes to Embrace the Chaos!

Lead By:

Nicole Gagner



Can I still Eat that?

All Sessions available

Jelly Beans, Apples, Ice cream these are all things you may be able to enjoy now while in middle school but if you want to enjoy these later in life your teeth need to be healthy. Come and learn how a dentist can help make that beautiful smile even more for years to come.

Lead By:

Dr. Markelle Gartner & Dr. Carrie Orn

Orn Family Dentistry

Fairy Lights

Light up the Night

All Sessions available

Create jewelry that lights up! Use Circuits and electrical engineering to create one of these glowing creations and light up the night!

Lead By:

Lauren Singelmann

NDSU College of Engineering

Science Courses

Have your DNA and Eat it too!

All Sessions available

Explore the recipe of life by building your very own DNA molecule, using the most delicious of ingredients. We will learn the parts of DNA and how the special way they come together spells out what make you -YOU!

Lead By:

Andrea Anteau

N.E.O.N. / Battelle

Young Girl Playing Computer Games

Want to play a game?

All Sessions Available

Are you a gamer? Want to take it to the next level? How about creating your own video game? Using Kodu you will create a customized video game that you can play at home then add it to a community so your friends can play too!

Lead By:

LeAnn Nelson

University of Jamestown - Education Department

Crime Scene Investigator

CSI: Jamestown

All Sessions Available

A crime has been committed! Using fingerprinting, chemistry and other techniques of forensic science you will gather and analyze the evidence left behind to catch the criminal.

Lead By:

Janet Rosario

Gateway to Science

Fourth of July Airplanes

Fly High at Collins

1 session available

Learn about technologically advanced products for military and commercial aircraft.  See 3D printing, computer-aided design software and full-scale mock up of the cargo system in 777 freighter plane.

Lead By:

Jack Heichel & Zach Meyer 

Collins Aerospace

Stacking Blocks

Pitch your Passion

All Sessions available

Use code to animate a passion, issue, or cause they care about. By animating interactions between characters, changing their environment, and adding sounds, supporters, movement, and more. This project will help persuade others to care about their passion as well.

Lead By:

Christina Rittenbach

NDSU Extension Services

Sky Scrapers

Windy City Tower

All Sessions available

Skyscrapers can withstand a wind speeds of over 100 mph. In this workshop we will build Skyscrapers in teams, the team whose tower withstands the most wind without sliding or toppling over wins!

Lead By:

Alexa Ducloame, Amy Schaaf, Alison Hanslip

Moore Engineering Inc.

Escape Room Items

Escape Room: Money Master

All Sessions available

Join us as we explore different real-life scenarios; choosing a bank, balancing your accounts, applying for a loan, and saving for retirement. You will have three separate puzzles to complete in this session in order to escape and be declared a Money Master!

Lead By:

Michelle Neumiller, Nikki Hatfield

Gate city Bank