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Crime Scene Investigator

CSI: Jamestown

A crime has been committed! Using fingerprinting, chemistry and other techniques of forensic science you will gather and analyze the evidence left behind to catch the criminal.

Lead By:

Janet Rosario

Gateway to Science

Bird's eye view of a highway

Design a Road and Eat it too!

Experiment with traffic flow and interchanges, then learn what roads are made of with a tasty example of pavement design. 

Lead By:

Alison Hanslip & Amy Schaaf

Moore Engineering

Mosaic art

Mosaic Make & Take!

Students will design and create their own unique glass and tile mosaic in this fun workshop that includes color theory, intro to mosaic techniques, history of mosaics, and design and engineering theories.

Lead By:

Molly McLain

Self Employed Artist

Silver Drone

Dare to Drone

7 Years ago Drone and Agriculture were not words put together often. Now, drones are used for everything from checking cattle to looking at crops to see if they are ready to harvest. In this workshop you will learn where they can fly and the best way to fly your drone to help your farming operation.

Lead By:

Mylee Severtson

Lake Region State College

peanut butter and resistance.jpg

Peanut Butter + Resistance Training = Amazing Benefits

A fun filled session that connects the dots between a plant based protein – peanut butter and resistance training for amazing health benefits.  Activities include measuring grip strength, comparing food quality and taste between processed peanut butter and homemade peanut butter, and learn the science . 

Lead By:

Marla Walters

University of Jamestown - Kinesiology Dept

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Doctor for a Day

Experience what it is like to be a veterinarian for a day. Learn how to suture wounds, give injections and bandage a limb.

Lead By:

Dr. Dawn Entzminger

Dr. Dawns Pet Stop

Smiling medical personel

Wizard of Oz

Discover how simulation manikins allow assessment of physical problems. Active learning in the lab is hands-on and provides experiences for those interested in health care.

Lead By:

Sheri Gunderson

UJ - Nursing Department

without teeth.png

What would I look like without teeth?

Come learn about why taking care of your teeth now is important to your full body health.  Having a healthy smile affects healthy eating, your confidence and even how you interact in daily life.  Hands on course with dental activities.

Lead By:

Dr. Carrie Orn

Orn Family Dentistry


If you can Dream it, you can 3D Print it!

Attention all Makers:  Get your hands on the revolutionary technology of 3D printing and learn why it has never been easier to print your imagination!  Join us as we explore how the engineering design process and 3D printing bring solutions to all industries.  

Lead By:

Sierra Olhoft & Todd Atchison

FAME 3D, LLC - LulzBot

high flyers.jpg

High Flyers

Band together to learn about aerospace engineering by creating an innovative rubber band aircraft! Experiment with different designs to see who can fly the farthest. 

Lead By:

Sandra Cook, Alexandra Kliche, Cait Olson

Collins Aerospace

Clay Face Mask

Ooey Gooey Polymer Fun!

Learn about the fascinating world of large molecules (polymers) made from long chain or network of smaller molecules. Polymers are all around us: toys, clothing, contact lenses, solar panels, phones, computer, space shuttles, bullet-proof vests, face masks, and more! 

Lead By:

Neena Ravindran

Tecton Products LLC - a Marvin Company

Rocket Launch

Rockets to the Rescue!

Come join the North Dakota Space Grant as they guide you through an engineering design challenge. Can you design and build a paper rocket that has the

Lead By:

Jacquelyn Emery & Izzy Adams

North Dakota Space Grant Consortium

all scream for ice cream.png

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Have you ever made ice cream? If so, you know that the ice cream mixture has to get really cold very quick. Ice cubes alone won't do the trick. Why not? Find out in this tasty-cold science project.

Lead By:

Dr. Teather Sundstrom

Valley City State University

get creative! Get Connected! Get Coding!.jpg

Get Creative! Get Connected! Get Coding!

In this session, you will get to design and make all sorts of creative projects using a micro:bit. You’ll create games that you can play with friends and you’ll even get to make an intelligent virtual pet (Tamogotchi). The fun won’t stop here – you’ll get to keep your micro:bit so that you can continue building projects on your own.

Lead By:


Microsoft - Fargo

make a match to save a life.jfif

Make a match to save a life?

Are you A, B, O, AB, positive, negative? Blood is an essential part of the human body but, if you mix the wrong type things could go drastically wrong.  Can you successfully determine the blood type of the accident victim and save his life?  

Lead By:

Lora Fisher

Sanford Health

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